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This series first began as a simple idea during the height of lockdown. How can I visualise the 'Groundhog Day' feeling which many of us have experienced after more than 12 months in our homes. The feeling that we are living the same day over and over and over again. The mundane tasks of our daily routine seemed to become more and more noticeable, making them feel almost pointless as the weeks became ever more blurred.

The crash test dummy was chosen to represent the inhumanity of lockdown and to reduce the human form into nothing more than a numb lump of plastic.


One of the only ways I held onto my sanity during this time was to go for walks around the hillsides of my home village. With lockdown easing in the UK, the Rule of 6 was introduced, allowing us to see friends and family outside. The 'Stuck Inside' series was finally taken outdoors. These walks quickly became one of the only things I could look forward to. So, I decided to pay tribute to the people and places that allowed me to free my mind.


During these walks, we began to seek areas which were seemingly unexplored. One day, we took a turn down an overgrown pathway and the environment we found ourselves in was truly magical. It felt like stepping into the movie Avatar. The ground glistened with bright bluebells as water flowed gently into a small lake at the foot of the hill. Then I thought, what if this place really came to life?

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